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Home News Taiwan’s Complete Smart Machinery Supply Chain Is Expediting the Development of the Electric Car Industry
Taiwan’s Complete Smart Machinery Supply Chain Is Expediting the Development of the Electric Car Industry
Machine Tools
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The global car industry is rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) to help meet Net Zero requirements. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that EVs will account for 18% of global car sales by 2023 and 35% by 2030, rising to as much as 60% in the China, US and European markets, so how to gain an early advantage and access the electric vehicle industry chain has become an important issue for automotive industries around the world. Taiwan has long been involved in the supply chain of components and equipment, providing a solid foundation for the development of electric vehicles.




7-in-1 Powertrains Put Low Weight and High Precision at the Heart of EVs


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a pioneer of Taiwan’s electric vehicle powertrain industry, Fukuta joined the international electric vehicle supply chain as early as 2005, and has extensive production experience and manufacturing capabilities. Leading the integration of the Taiwanese supply chain, Fukuta has launched the “7-in-1” electric vehicle powertrain system, which integrates the motor, gearbox, differential, generator, inverter, DC-to-DC converter, and a junction box. This system is not only smaller in size, but also direct-drive integrated, enabling it to meet demand for both low weight and customization. It has already joined the supply chains of the Japanese automotive giants and has attracted a great deal of attention from international carmakers.



The effort to bring this system to mass production was based on GMW creating stator winding equipment for EV motors, including slot liner insertion machines, copper coil insertion and interphase forming integration machines, copper coil wiring machines, and molding machines. Such machines have made stator winding and interphase forming more accurate and efficient, markedly improving motor production performance and precision.



Precision Machining Helps Deliver Quieter EVs with Superior Performance


​​​​​​​To keep noise to a minimum, EVs require greater precision in gear manufacturing compared to the gearboxes of conventional combustion engine vehicle, and this in turn requires more efficient and specialized gear manufacturing equipment. Axisco’s hard broaching machine is the ultimate solution for finishing internal splines after heat treatment. By moving the table upward, the broaching is performed at high speed to eliminate deformation after heat treatment, and all internal tooth finishing is done instantaneously at a speed of up to 60 m/min, with excellent accuracy and a smoothly-machined surface.


The specialist gear machine tool maker Matrix has created a new high-precision gear grinding machine that combines generation and forming in a single machine. In generation mode, the GVC-0500 can efficiently machine small-module EV gears, enabling it to complete an entire electric vehicle gear within seconds when configured with grinding wheels of the appropriate size; while forming mode can be used for high-mix low-volume (HMLV) gear manufacturing or prototype production.



Machine tool giant Tongtai also supplies EV solutions, focusing particularly on large structural components. The Meteor TS3000 is equipped with two independent spindles and is able to work in 4-axis or 5-axis modes, enabling to handle the requirements of large workpieces like bodywork, battery casings and motors, providing outstanding support for the structural performance of EVs.



Upgrading Charging Infrastructure to Create an EV-Friendly Environment

​​​​​​​In addition to promoting the development of key components, governments worldwide are making significant efforts to build charging infrastructure to cope with rapid growth in electric vehicles. Strong demand for charging stations also presents an opportunity for Taiwanese manufacturers. HIWIN, a leading global manufacturer of ball screws and linear guideways, integrates single-axis robot modules, actuators and servo motors to achieve low noise, high efficiency, high repeatability, and reliability, using sensors that factor in the weight of the charging connector to automatically organize charging docks, significantly improving the user experience and safety of the charging device.


Taiwan offers the best solutions for automotive industries in everything from components to user experience. With the advantages of highly-developed manufacturing and semiconductor industries, Taiwan in not only a leader in technology and capabilities, but is also committed to industrial innovation and integration, creating strong foundations for the future development of electric vehicles.