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  • Woodworking Machinery
    Transforming Taiwan's Woodworking Machinery Industry Digitally, Creating New Business Opportunities.

    This forum will share the intelligent manufacturing and circular economy based on net zero sustainable goals, offering industry practitioners quick takeaways on dominant trends in digital technology and the strategic layout of net zero emissions and sustainable development goals.

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  • Woodworking Machinery
    Taiwan’s Woodworking Machinery Industry is Automation Ready & Ushering In a New Era of Sustainability

    Taiwan was once known as the “Furniture Kingdom”, with specialized production line technology from start to finish. Ten years ago, the major industry players got together to form the W-team, doing away with the industry’s single machine sales model and integrating into a whole-line commercial model that can meet customer demands for customized and integrated products. So, what insights and technological advantages do Taiwan’s woodworking machinery elite possess?

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  • Woodworking Machinery
    Taiwan’s woodworking machinery sector is up to the challenge of new trends

    With the impact of the pandemic and globalization, the woodworking machinery industry faces changes and new trends. But the giants of Taiwan’s woodworking machinery industry are not afraid of the challenges. They have not just balanced product positioning of quality, cost and delivery, but also smart controls and integrated equipment to provide the customer with smart solutions while at the same time moving towards a more environmentally friendly and energy-saving trend.

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