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  • Entering the Biomedical Field – Mastering the Precision Positioning Technology

    OME Technology is an expert in R&D of transmission components such as linear slide. -, Precision positioning technology has always been the second driving power for OME Technology. That is the reason behind their transdisciplinary ability to uncover market needs that are still to be satisfied, thereby launching the corresponding products for the automated equipment and instrument market. This includes products in the photoelectric, semiconductor and biomedical industries.

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  • Autonomous system makes co-operate more efficiency!

    iAmech autonomous mobile system features five product lines; automated guided vehicle (AGV), collaborative AMR, intelligent autonomous lift truck, overhead hoist transfer (OHT), rail guided vehicle (RGV).

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  • The Optomechatronic Integration System is Launched by OME Technology to Accelerate Machinery Automation

    COVID-19 disrupted the lives of all people around the world. When people started to think of the post-pandemic era, Omicron came into the scene. In addition to achieving measures taken by labor-intensive manufacturers in realizing digital transformation and developing optomechatronic integration, the operation process focused on optimized machinery automation integration and smart-based manufacturing procedure has the eyes of the industry.

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  • Fully automation solution created by TOYO ROBOTS

    In PCB manufacturing, the products flow on a conveyor belt and is inspected and determined by the CCD. If the inspection is okay, the conveyor belt continues to transport the product to the next station. However, if the inspection shows NG, the rejected product is pushed to the defective area using a pneumatic cylinder. Usually, the speed of the pneumatic cylinder is unstable and slow (4.5 sec.), leading the conveyor belt to slow down, reducing speed of production.

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