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Home News New business opportunities for AI Robot Vision
New business opportunities for AI Robot Vision
Robots and AGVs
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This forum will share the needs derived from the application of this technology in smart manufacturing or other fields, so as to provide relevant industries with a quick grasp of the major trends of digital technology and new AI business opportunities.


Sep. 19 10:00 am
Section 1AI-powered SolutionThe AI Machine Vision for Smart Manufacturing
Lifang Tseng, Senior Strategic Product and Partner Development Director



Sep.19 10:30am

Section 2Transforming the Future of the Food Industry with AI
Aleksandra Miekus, International Product Manager

Solomon Technology Corporation


Sep.19 11:00am

 Section 3Revolution of IntelligenceApplications of Artificial Intelligence and AOI in the Industrial and Agricultural Sectors

 Will Chiu, CTO of GLÜCK TECH. CO., LTD