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Home News Future of Packaging - Smart and Environment-friendly
Future of Packaging - Smart and Environment-friendly
Food and Packaging Machinery
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Utilizing “smart” devices outputs less waste, conserves power and is environment-friendly.

The impact posed to Human lives, and the environment by toxic petrochemical materials is far-reaching. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other additives, used in the packaging industry, for example, generate environmental hormones that cause irreparable damage to the human body.


Benison believes that carbon reduction and developing environment-friendly materials and machinery are essential trends in the industry. As an adherent to the social and governance (ESG) concept, it is dedicated to providing packaging equipment that is more environment-friendly to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining parable, if not increased, production efficiency.



According to the company’s external sales division, the company joined the industry very early and opted to use PVC, which was sold at lower prices and was a mature technology invented as early as the 1930s to comply with client demands to control overhead costs. As a result, most of Benison’s earlier-stage equipment was developed with PVC in mind.


However, knowing PVC is an environmental pollutant, Benison is considering more environment-friendly additives and materials, like polyethylene terephthalate (PET).


Environment Concerns Prompt Equipment Upgrades 


Answering the call to transition to production using less harmful substances to humans and the environment, Benison recognized that PET materials are prone to nebulization when exposed to heat, so it was unsuited for use in traditional machinery previously handling PVC materials.


To address the issue, Benison invested significantly in sleeve-shrinking, wrapping, horizontal flow wrappers and auto-cartoning machines. Benison’s equipment upgrades, such as its sleeve-shrinking machines, could label 500 cans or bottles per minute, demonstrating that the use of environment-friendly materials did not impact production efficiency while having the added benefit of reducing power consumption.


Collaborating with international brands like Siemens and Shihlin Electric and relying on Benison’s professional experiences of how product lines operate, Benison provides clients with smart packaging solutions optimized for increasing production efficiency.



Smart Automation for Greener Production


These services are not limited to sleeve-shrinking machines and are also available for horizontal flow wrappers and auto-cartoning devices. However, recognizing that it would be challenging to employ manual labor to conduct quality control for machines producing 300-500 products per minute, Benison has installed charged coupled devices (CCD) on its machines. The CCDs can automatically determine whether the products meet specified qualities.


Using statistical data generated by the “smart” systems, Benison aims to help production line workers resolve issues and increase product yield rates. With less waste output, it achieves the goals of power conservation and being environmentally friendly. 






​​​​​​​Benison established in Taiwan since 1962. We are committed to providing complete packaging solutions. We offer a full range of packaging demands with advanced technology such as material manufacturing, label printing and packaging equipment. We comply with quality standard and continue expanding our services to enhance customer value and create new business opportunities. Ultimately, Benison is your reliable partner for one-stop solutions in the packaging industry!