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Home News Chin Fong’s Manufacturing System Becomes Greener and Smarter
Chin Fong’s Manufacturing System Becomes Greener and Smarter
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Among the world's top five precision press manufacturers, Chin Fong uses green and “smart” systems to tackle environmental concerns and labor shortages

Various global factors contribute to rising raw material and energy prices, which, together with the negative population growth and increasing concern over environmental conservation, are prompting the industrial sector to prioritize upgrades of their production lines to a more sustainable operating model.




Intelligent Forming Productivity Management System (iForming) enabling automatic mold-switching, creating a “one-button” smart production solution.


Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co., Ltd. recognized that professional engineers are scarce and acknowledged that intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable industry trend.


In answer, Chin Fong developed the iForming system as early as 2016. Starting with automated optical inspection (AOI) for product quality control, the system had grown by 2019.


Integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software allowed the scheduling of work orders, integration of data from various sources into one document for effective management of production lines, and automation of mold changing, all with a click of a button.





Aurora Group, having purchased Chin Fong’s machinery with its pre-loaded iForming system, affirmed that the system helped facilitate mundane procedures.


Employees no longer hand-wrote forms and instead used ERP system to instruct the machinery to create a list of necessary materials and molds and begin production. The information could be accessed with a tablet computer, allowing quick client updates on production rates, materials inventory, the current manufacturing status, and a rapid estimate of when the products can be delivered, according to the Aurora Group feedback.


According to Chin Fong's Sales Department , client feedback proved that iForming helped improve overall production management, augment sales through improved client experiences, and resolve labor shortage issues without negating production efficiency or increasing power consumption.


The PHM System - AI as Equipment Fixer Aiming to increase iForming capability, Chin Fong collaborated with Feng Chia University in 2022 to develop the Predictive Maintenance and Health Management (PHM) System.



The PHM and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system analyze gathered data to alert workers of machine abnormalities and send reminders when the machine needs servicing. Such alerts reduce machine downtime and allow clients to achieve maximum production efficiency while extending the equipment lifecycle.


According to Chin Fong's Service Department, employees have access to a plethora of data as the iFMS and later addition of the PHM system are all connected through the Industrial Internet of Things.


The system allows Chin Fong to provide a solution for fully implementing the “lights-out manufacturing plant” concept, which offers clients great convenience and facility.


The Straight Side Single Crank Precision Presses (ST1) series Integrates Smart Manufacturing and answers the global call for reducing carbon emissions and other environmental challenges.



Alongside its PHM system, Chin Fong has produced two new presses - ST1-110i and ST1-110L, both using 90 percent similar parts, which was an intentional move to cut down design time and component development. In addition, the machines’ power system allows  regenerated current to be stored on the grid and helps reduce power consumption.


Chin Fong’s embracing the industry 4.0 standard and completing its transition makes them well prepared to meet the challenges when the EU officially adopts the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) as law by 2026.


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