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Home News Da Shiang Automation: Resolving Smart Manufacturing Challenges for the Metal Manufacturing Industry
Da Shiang Automation: Resolving Smart Manufacturing Challenges for the Metal Manufacturing Industry
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DSA’s familiarity with the industry helps provide upgrades and solutions for manufacturing line automation


In a time when technological advancements are reshaping industries, DA Shiang Automation (DSA) emerges as a key player, pioneering smart manufacturing solutions for the metal manufacturing sector. With a commitment to service-oriented excellence, DSA leverages its profound industry experience to elevate production lines, addressing challenges posed by an aging workforce, high-risk environments, and labor intensity.


Industry 4.0 Revolution: Navigating the Challenges
As society ages, the metal manufacturing sector faces a daunting task of sustaining growth amid unfavorable manufacturing environments. The scarcity of skilled professionals compounds the challenge. To counter these issues, companies are turning to Industry 4.0 upgrades, investing in smart manufacturing to boost production capacity, improve quality, and tackle concerns like carbon footprint reduction and labor shortages.


DSA's Unique Approach: A Focus on Metal Manufacturing
DSA sets itself apart with its specialization in the metal manufacturing industry, catering to diverse sectors including automotive, motorcycles, bicycles, and aerospace. General Manager Barry Huang emphasizes DSA's distinctive advantage: "We bring not only automation transformation but also optimization of production lines, resulting in enhanced efficiency and capacity benefits for our clients."


SMB x MES Dual System: Transforming Production Line Management
DSA introduces the Smart Manufacturing Integration Application System (SMB) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to streamline work order scheduling and integrate seamlessly with ERP systems. These systems, augmented by sensor data, offer a holistic solution for automated production line management. The integration of the DSA Tool Management System further enhances efficiency by providing intelligent tool libraries and smart tool carts, revolutionizing traditional manual tool management.



Success Stories: Driving Efficiency and Profits
DSA's impact is evident in the success stories of its clients. A prominent automotive parts manufacturer in southern Taiwan witnessed substantial gains by automating processes such as lathe machining, inspection, gear processing, and grinding. The implementation of robots, online inspections, and efficient tool management not only increased production efficiency but also reduced costs and delivery times, resulting in higher profits.


Cloud Integration and Future Readiness
DSA doesn't stop at process automation; it integrates data using Microsoft Azure, enabling cloud-based data management accessible anytime, anywhere. A customer at an aluminum alloy casting factory in northern Taiwan experienced a significant reduction in defect rates, from 5% to below 3%, by leveraging DSA's cloud integration to monitor furnace temperatures.


Embracing the Electric Vehicle Revolution
As the electric vehicle industry gains momentum globally, DSA is prepared to offer tailored solutions for components such as motors, gears, and lightweight materials. General Manager Barry Huang envisions DSA's role in addressing the unique challenges of electric vehicle manufacturing.


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