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Home News HC FENG Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment - Lowest Cost, for Best Environmental Protection
HC FENG Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment - Lowest Cost, for Best Environmental Protection
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HC Feng’s Best-1 machine is an environment-friendly, efficacious, and low-overhead cutting coolant fluid recycling solution with no-material-cost

Cutting Coolant Liquid Purification Reduces Water Pollution in the Industrial Sector


The Taiwan government has been unyieldingly resolute that manufacturers must observe environmental laws after wastewater from tech-based manufacturers caused significant water pollution in southern Taiwan in 2013. Manufacturers have also begun investing more in equipment to “clean” wastewater.


Cutting fluids are, indubitably, one of the most prized resources for a manufacturing plant, but at the same time, once they are used, they also need to be treated or disposed of urgently. The large number of bacteria in used cutting fluids will cause it to deteriorate and develop foul odors, while the chemical components harm the environment and the human body.


Separate the waste- oil from the cutting coolant liquid, sterilization, and recycling


HC Feng Co. Ltd. has developed its Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment (oil skimmer), named Best-1, hoping to spark manufacturers' interest in environment-friendly equipment.


All used cutting fluids are collected before being passed through the Best-1 machine for initial separations of oils and water, after which the filtered cutting fluids are treated with ozone for sterilization - removing worries that the liquids will deteriorate due to bacteria - before being returned to the main water tank.


The machine allows for the recycling of cutting fluids, extending the average lifespan of tools and saving client costs.


Unburdening Corporate Sector from Environmental Protection an Incentive to Attract Corporate Involvement**


“When environmental protection proves to not be a burden, companies will be more amenable to invest in machinery for waste processing and minimize industrial harm to the environment,” HC Feng CEO Tsai Chi-feng said.


Best-1 has been proven to be an effective cutting coolant treatment and recycling solution, and compared to like systems abroad, Best-1 is more power-efficient, consumes no materials, and is easier maintained due to modularity. The ease of replacement also drastically reduces the operator’s maintenance costs.


The newest iteration of the Best-1 machine employs pneumatic pumps, drastically decreasing the possibility of malfunction due to iron filings in the cutting liquids damaging the system. Increased machine service life and simpler circuitry designs help manufacturers attain their goal of reduced energy consumption as the machine uses less than one kilowatt a day.


The machine uses stainless steel filters - easy to clean with compressed air or a simple wash - which reduces the hassle of changing filters. As opposed to using chemicals for sterilization, HC Feng uses ozone, which achieves the same effect and does not risk contaminating the cutting fluid solution.


More functions on-demand for other industries or specific scenarios


Some factories have experienced deterioration of their cutting fluids, resulting in malodorous smells that would, if exposed for long periods, induce health problems, especially for pregnant women. 


The possibility of employees taking days off for health reasons directly affected work efficiency, an issue that HC Feng’s Best-1 addressed and resolved.


“Best-1 can process up to 1,800 liters of wastewater per hour, which is more than sufficient for average manufacturers,” Tsai said.​​​​​​​


Tsai said the machine could also be used outside the industrial sector, such as aerospace, transportation, and the hospitality and food industries, adding that government agencies have also drafted a few Best-1 units to help process ocean oil spills.


Best-1 is very efficient in protecting the environment in other businesses, and it can also undergo further customization or be used alongside other peripheral equipment to satisfy clients' needs in different industries.


The semiconductor and LED panel industries as examples, generate large amounts of fine particulates or grinding sludge, and for these industries, they can select machines like the Chips and Sludge Removal Machine (Foodie) and the Centrifugal Magnetic Filter ( Foodie II) to filter off the fine particulates before moving on to separating oils and water.


In addition, HC Feng offers equipment that can monitor the pH value of the cutting liquids and provide clients with the information they need to decide whether they need more water or more cutting liquid solution. This machine, alongside the company’s Automatic Coolant Refill System, can help manufacturers attain automated factory management.


HC Feng recognizes that technology and environmental protection must co-develop, and protecting our environment can bring Humans greater satisfaction than monetary gain.


The development cycle of the Best-1 machine has been environment-centric from the get-go, hoping to entice clients to buy the product - which, price-wise, is not more expensive but very competitive in terms of cost-to-performance ratio - and help conserve our environment and planet.



HC FENG CO., LTD. provides advanced purification and filtration solutions for the CNC machining industries. Our mission is to assist the global manufacturing industry in achieving and facilitating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. We not only enhance the machine's added value but also help customers save significantly on tramp disposal and labor costs. Additionally, we offer comprehensive solutions for the disposal of oil emulsions and water tank debris.