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Home News Honor Seiki: Globally preferred strategic partner for high-efficient and intelligent vertical lathes
Honor Seiki: Globally preferred strategic partner for high-efficient and intelligent vertical lathes
Machine Tools
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Honor Seiki’s exclusive “Solid-lock” technology forms the backbone of the global production of high-end vertical lathes

Honor Seiki’s exclusive and patented “Solid-lock” technology provides three times greater clamping force than BT50 tool holders and performs well in machining large-scale workpiece and hard-to-cut materials.



The aerospace, ground transportation, motors, precision bearings, wind power generation, and the hydrogen energy industries demand precise and integrated machining processes for their machine tools. Taking wind power as an example, the increasing scale of turbines results in heavier parts, making machining more challenging. Achieving this goal, the use of large vertical lathes for machining, meeting high precision requirements and relying on specialized dedicated equipment to accomplish it.



Established in 1987, Honor Seiki has been dedicated in R&D, and manufacturing vertical lathes and special purpose machine to meet diverse industry needs and applications. In 1992, responding to the goal of mass production for the leading Taiwanese motor manufacturers, Honor built the automated processing line and integrated operations. This solidified their R&D capabilities, earning recognition from both domestic and international industries.


The patented technology applied in Honor Seiki’s vertical lathes optimizes the reliability and stability of the machines and enables the company to provide customers with exacting standards with specialized high-precision processing machinery.


The keys to boosting OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): Efficiency, Quality and Reliability
Applying the core Solid-lock technology, Honor Seiki integrates digital technology to develop various applications for intelligent vertical lathes. 
Examples include Taiwan's first vertical turning center capable of spline cutting, the first gantry-type 6m vertical lathe with Y-axis integrated the functions of turning, milling and grinding processing in one machine, and customized machines for the slewing bearing manufacturing of wind turbine. Joseph Chen, General Manager of Honor Seiki, said, "In the past, milling teeth processing on other machine took 9 hours. With Honor Seiki's self-developed spline cutting tool, it can be done in one set up, saving time on loading and unloading, re-calibration, and more. It only takes 3 hours to complete, 3 times efficiency increase."


Honor Seiki provides the best vertical lathe, fixtures, and tools allowing its customers to produce premium-quality products with minimal waste and optimized their overall equipment efficiency (OEE). These crucial reference for every top-of-the-line machine tools, allowing precise evaluation of the benefits it can bring to customers. 


The Digital Transformation, Cyber-Physical Integration make Honor Seiki to be the preferred strategic partner for efficient intelligent vertical lathe worldwide


Chen noted, "Through an integration of digital twins, utilizing software, we can proactively address potential variables in the production line online. Combined with sensing technology for tools and consumables, we can make precise estimates to ensure nearly perfect conditions for each processing. Additionally, Honor Seiki's equipment boasts high reliability and leads the global industry in technology. We are the only company in the industry that offers 'accuracy standards' as an upgrade option. Whenever a customer requests it, Honor Seiki is committed to fulfilling the mission. This in turn enhances the production line's OEE, delivering greater benefits to our customers."



At present, the globally leading injection machine manufacturers, with stringent precision requirements, specifically choose Honor Seiki's vertical lathes to produce specialized precision nuts. According to customer feedback, using Honor Seiki's vertical lathes, which have similar specifications to lathes from other manufacturers, allows for a significant 50% reduction in cycle time while achieving even higher precision in accuracy. Furthermore, thanks to the advantages of precision and equipment stability, the iconic wind power company collaborated with Honor Seiki in 2021 to develop the industry's largest 6m high-precision vertical lathe for the specialized production of large wind turbine bearings.


The company has always strived to be the foremost intelligent vertical lathe provider and a global strategic partner, and this commitment extends to its services to provide industry solutions for its customers. Regardless of the latest advanced application or technical proposals, through communication, or on-site visits to solve the pain points of customers, Honor Seiki's R&D team leverages their strong capabilities and nearly 40 years of experience to address challenges and create value for customers.


In recent years, the ESG issues are gradually receiving more attention, utilizing intelligent machine tools to boost production capacity, efficiency, and achieve energy-saving goals are the trend of developing new machines.
Honor Seiki's intelligent vertical lathes incorporate state-of-the-art software and hardware technologies, applying a Cyber-Physical System, Predictive Maintenance, and solve the potential issues to improve the production yield rate. Equipped with energy-efficient motors, intelligent chiller, and accessories these lathes assist customers in reaching energy-saving and increased production capacity at the same time. Honor Seiki stands as a valuable partner for customers striving towards ESG Net Zero goals. 


Honor, to be your partner