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Home Product Hantop Ultrasonic Slim Type Tool Holder HSKA63-R30
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Special Ultrasonic Slim Type Tool Holder- HSKA63-R30



  • Reduce nose diameters and extend nose length for less interference in 5-axis CNC machining. Ideal choice for confined space with deep hole drilling and micro machining.

The slim type of tool holder combined with ultrasonic machining technology makes it more suitable for extremely brittle materials in semiconductor industries, such as ceramics, quartz, Si materials.
Product Introduction


  •  High Rotation Speed for high precision advanced materials machining

Hantop Intelligence Technology Ultrasonic Machining Module adopts Non-contact power transmission technology. Without the limitation of spindle rotation speed and consumables, the tool rotation speed can reach more than 48000 rpm, so it can enable more process parameters for operators to choose and process the complex workpieces more economically.


  • Plug and Play Installation Convenience and Flexibility

Combined unique plug and play module type design and innovation non-contact power transmission technology, HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module bears the flexibility to be easily side added-on various kinds of CNC machine, such as milling machine, drilling machine, even robot arms. It is not necessary taking enormous costs of time and money to introduce a new technology. Our module allows manufacturers Introduce to production in just one day and with no need to buy a whole, expensive, and bulky machine.

HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module is developed as a cost-effective solution for advanced materials machining. A module set contains a type of tool holder, ultrasonic driver, power transmitter and control panel.
Available tool holder spec: BT Series, HSK Series, CAT Series.
Other Toolholder Choice


  • Hi-Efficiency and Hi-quality performance with the use of ultrasonic machining

With the use of high frequency ultrasonic vibration passing via patent tool holders to tools, it can subtly remove hard and brittle materials like ceramics and prevent edge-cracks from improper cutting force between tools and materials. Therefore, it can outperform high quality by significantly improving surface quality of cutting edge and saving the usage of materials.

  •  Prolong Tool life by reducing cutting resistance

Unlike the conventional CNC machining, the rotary motion of the tool and the additional vibration in the ultrasonic machining are superimposed on each other, reducing the cutting resistance by 40%. The tool life will also be prolonged since the cutting resistance has been reduced.


  •  Cost- Effective Intelligent Tracking System for advanced materials machining

Hantop intelligence Technology is a cost-effective intelligent ultrasonic machining module with automatic identification and tracking system, which can search and lock the most suitable resonance frequency simultaneously with a wide range of tools. It enables customers to start production online with the shortest learning time and has high flexibility to collocate with diverse tools.


Special Ultrasonic Slim Type Tool Holder
Small Diameters for Less Interference and maintain the same accuracy
Rotation Speed
Perfect choice for tight space applications Great for cavity feature Applied for semiconductor Hi-precision machining