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Home Suppliers Toyo Automation Co,Ltd.
Toyo Automation Co,Ltd.


Address: No. 55, Annan Dist., Tainan City 709.


Info: TOYO has kept the core concept of “continuous innovation”. Its full range
of products are compatible with different industries when introducing
automation. In order to improve production performance & increase
functionality, a large number of parts are made in-house, allowing
customers to have the right product with high value. TOYO is the first
brand in Taiwan's Single-axis and Cartesian Robots. In addition to electric
grippers, the full range of product lines also includes: single-axis actuator
modules, electric cylinders, desktop robots, AGV systems, and more.
TOYO has a diverse product line and all the products can be used by
various industries. It has been used in PC, LCD, PCB, Semiconductor,
Automotive, etc. TOYO has obtained ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO
14001, and other related international certifications.
TOYO exports Taiwan-made products to over 15 advanced countries,
including Japan, U.S., Italy, Korea, etc. In order to provide rapid service
to customers, the company has set-up production facilities in Taiwan,
China, and Japan. It also cooperates with agents in more than nine
countries, like the U.S., Europe and S.E Asia.