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Home Product Fatek P5 HMI
Provided By

FATEK Automation Corporation


The compact size HMI contains comprehensive performance to meet the control needs of a wide range of industries.

Full-size options from 4.3" to 15", serial and ethernet models provide a complete set of multiple communication ports and protocols of major brand controllers, and support FATEK IoT solutions. A high-resolution screen with 16.7 million colors provides a clearer and more beautiful monitoring experience.. Back-mounted PLC and module expansion design not only provide vertical integration solutions for the industry, but also improve the efficiency of space usage. Wide voltage design and wide operating temperature, with PCB coating protection and front panel IP65 waterproof and dustproof, to ensure reliable and stable operation in harsh and unfavorable environments.


Based on user experience, aesthetic and user-friendly intuitive programming software-FvDesigner. Convenient operation with Drag-&-Drop and optimized setting process and method greatly accelerate the development speed. In addition to general-purpose functions such as recipes, scripts, and data log, it also features such as pipe line, oscilloscope displays, etc., which can be perfectly applied to many special applications that are not easy to import in general HMI.


Built-in a variety of rich and beautiful objects, combined with powerful software, can reliably and stably achieve control requirements while also showing beauty and texture.

P5 HMI not only plays an important role in the field, it can also easily perform remote device monitoring and project maintenance through the built-in FATEK IoT Platform, and use alarm task notification to ensure that you won’t miss any critical moments at anytime and anywhere. At the same time, it also supports connecting with third-party cloud platforms to break away from industry and brand barriers, and achieve a wide range of integrated applications from the bottom up. Through the IoT solution, monitoring is no longer limited to the field side, and data is no longer limited to the factory area, expanding wider and flexible application possibilities.


The P5 series HMI has reliable, stable and powerful control performance. The user-friendly planning and operation interface not only accelerate the development process, but also shortens the distance with the user and provides an unparalleled operating experience. The built-in IoT expansion capability, it is always ready to open the door to the world. It has been widely used in industrial automation, automation equipment, building automation, environmental monitoring, agriculture, semiconductor and other industries.

  • Intuitive software development environment: resource-rich, powerful and intuitive and easy-to-use planning software, and with online simulation function, can easily verify the feasibility of the project.


  • Support many major brand controllers: Support nearly a hundred major brand drivers, easily connect with various devices.


  • Comprehensive and powerful performance: It not only has a wide range of software functions for various automation applications such as script, recipe, data log, charts, etc. We have a deeper understanding of industry needs and core key points, and we are committed to providing better performance and the most intuitive operating experience.


  • Security and safety options: Multiple sets of operation permissions are set to protect intellectual property and production safety. Support installment payment function to help software service providers to grasp the status of customer payment.


  • Remote monitoring solution: Fully support FATEK IoT solution to easily meet the needs of remote monitoring and maintenance, and has functions such as MQTT and VNC to work with third-party applications.


  • Back-mounted PLC and expansion modules: There is a dedicated expansion port on the back of the HMI that can back-mounted PLC and modules, which greatly improves space efficiency and reduces signal interference.


  • Full-size options: from compact 4.3 inches to 15 inches aluminum alloy case model.
Panel Type/Size
TFT LCD, 1670 Colors / 4.3” , 7” ,10.1” , 15”
128MB , 256MB
RS-232/422/485 , USB , Ethernet
PLC Extension
HMI Extension
Power Input
Protection Structure
Front Panel : IP65
Operating Temp.