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Home Product Hantop HSKE25 Ultrasonic Toolholder
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The World-Smallest Ultrasonic Tool Holder-HSKE25
More Info about HSKE25 Ultrasonic Toolholder
More Applications of Rotary Ultrasonic Machining.


  • Non-contact electric power transmission HSKE25 tool holder 

HIT(Hantop intelligence technology) has developed a HSKE25 ultrasonic tool holder with noncontact electrical power transmission design which allow our customers to easily retrofit their CNC machines with ultrasonic grinding/drilling and milling. The HSKE25 ultrasonic tool holder has the capability of ultra-high speed up to 48,000 RPM good for micro-hole drilling of advanced materials such as Ceramics materials(SiC, Alumina, Zirconia), hard-to-cut metals (Stainless steel, Titanium) and Engineering Plastic (PEEK, PMMA).  These materials are popular in semiconductor industry, electronic industry, and medical device industry. The ULTRASONIC technology has the benefits of reducing process forces, allowing higher feed and infeed, longer tool life, reducing micro-crack or significantly better surface finishes


  • Plug and Play Installation Convenience and Flexibility 

Combined unique plug and play module type design and innovation non-contact power transmission technology, HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module bears the flexibility to be easily side added-on various kinds of CNC machine, such as milling machine, drilling machine, even robot arms. It is not necessary taking enormous costs of time and money to introduce a new technology. Our module allows manufacturers Introduce to production in just one day and with no need to buy a whole, expensive, and bulky machine.

HIT Ultrasonic Machining Module is developed as a cost-effective solution for advanced materials machining. A module set contains a type of tool holder, ultrasonic driver, power transmitter and control panel.

Available tool holder spec: BT Series, HSK Series, CAT Series. Other Toolholder Choice


  • Cost- Effective Intelligent Tracking System for advanced materials machining 

Hantop intelligence Technology is a cost-effective intelligent ultrasonic machining module with automatic identification and tracking system, which can search and lock the most suitable resonance frequency simultaneously with a wide range of tools. It enables customers to start production online with the shortest learning time and has high flexibility to collocate with diverse tools.

Rotation Speed
High rpm up to 48000rpm
Runout accuracy
< 3 μm
ER08 1 to 5mm Tool clamping Capacity
Holder fine balanced at G1.0
Perfect choice for Micro drilling in Ceramics, Stainless, Metal and Engineering plastics
Low cutting forces at highest rpm with Ultrasonic are characterizing the micro machining (Semiconductors, Electronics and Watch Industry).