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Home Product GMT Electric Gripper -2 Fingers GEA-P2
GMT Electric Gripper -2 Fingers GEA-P2


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In recent years, with the issue of Industry 4.0, intelligent automated production has become a trend.

The ultimate end extract of automated production line many like gripping or drawing. In the future, the trend of automated extract will emphasize on "accuracy" and "environmental friendly", and Electric Gripper directly correspond to this trend. GMT is seeing such business opportunities, working with the original precision machining technology and professional R&D team to develop electric grippers that meet market demand.

The electric gripper uses GMT to develop the UI software with the GMT drive control card (i-SERVO). By setting the torque limit value of the clamp, the clamping force is controlled without pinching the object. In addition, precision positioning can accurately pick up objects and screen for defective products, which can initially check the quality of customers. Its features are: High speed, High precision, High efficiency, Stable movement, Low pollution.

High accuracy
Our electrical grippers adapt GMT made ball screw, and high accuracy machining components and gothic guide rails.
The components have the process of heat treatment to perform gripping durability
The product for our electric gripper series use the close loop steeper motor, and can compatible with GMT driver.
Friendly operation interface
Electrical gripper movement can be set through simple programming operation to achieve the drive mode of position control, speed control, and torque control rapidly.
Wide applications
Can be applied in electronic component assembly, green energy LED light assembly, picking and placing of biopsy tubes in the medical testing instrument, those automation production line and equipment required gripping force and positioning accuracy during picking and placing process.



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