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Home Product Factory Automation Tech Intellectual Service for Intelligent Production
Factory Automation Tech Intellectual Service for Intelligent Production

Smart Wheel Automation

Provided By

FATEK Factory Automation Tech. Co., Ltd.,


This modularization interface can not only apply to specified industries or function, but allow the engineers to apply it on various fields. The engineers can modify the system and adjust the function according to the requirements of the customers. E.g., Anti-Collision, Surface accuracy prediction and dynamic balance prediction. Meanwhile, the accuracy and the quality control are combined with the AR application allow the customers to upgrade their production to a higher level.


The system we developed gathering different opinions and requirements from various customers. 
Now we have already integrated the following function into our modulization system and applied it on our interface. 
1.    Anti-collision 
2.    Surface roughness/ accuracy prediction 
3.    Production dynamic balance
We hope to bring our customers the best solution and service via this new human-machine interface and take the production to a future level. 

(WVL-F24 (Vertical Lathe) /WVD-24X (Drilling Machine) / WHL-55(Horizontal Lathe )+FANUC 2000iC-165R(ROBOT) + Intellectual Service
3. Human-Machine Interface for Intelligent Production Line Module
2. Animated System of the Equipment Trouble Shooting (for Service and Maintenance)
1. Maintenance of the equipment, Training SOP, Animated System of the After-Service Purchasing List Technique.