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Home Product Adlink NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX Edge AI Vision Inference System
Adlink NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX Edge AI Vision Inference System


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ADLINK's EOS-JNX series of NVIDIA Jetson-based Edge AI vision systems include integrated Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX, 4-channel PoE and digital I/O in a fanless chassis with verified thermal stability.
The EOS-JNX series has a built-in Smart PoE feature to control PoE power remotely to reduce maintenance efforts in challenging environments and provides PoE power loss detection to alert of any unexpected PoE disconnection. The EOS-JNX-I is designed as an AI PoE switch for connecting to IP cameras to enable AI inferencing, and also provides an uplink port to connect to a network video recorder (NVR) for recording video streams, making upgrading existing surveillance systems easy. The EOS-JNX-G is designed for industrial AI machine vision applications, providing a dedicated bandwidth of 1Gb per channel with a GigE camera connection, which is crucial for production line and manufacturing applications.
Moreover, by using the internal USB connector, users can install a software license dongle inside the chassis to avoid loss or theft of the dongle for even greater protection.


*A vision system with the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX supporting 4-channel PoE cameras, optimized PoE capability and Digital I/O for industrial AI inference.
*Smart PoE, PoE loss detection function and WatchDog indicator design reduce maintenance effort with easy management
*Dedicated GigE bandwidth ( EOS-JNX-G) and optimized OS with 100m cable validation, secures capturing performance for non-stop operation in AI-enabled quality assurance.
*Easy integration into existing NVR (Network Video Recorder) system with Uplink port, the EOS-JNX-I is designed as an AI PoE hub to easily enable safety AI in various applications, such as smart city.
*ADLINK exclusive EVA SDK support realizes fast AI application deployment with an intuitive GUI and rich plug-in options to speed proof-of-concept and reduce time to market

AI inference acceleration with NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX
Fanless system 187.5(W) x 149.5(D) x 55.25(H) mm
Wide temperature range from -20°C to 70°C
Expanded storage by microSD/M.2 PCIe SSD for larger application installation
Supports 12V to 24V DC-in
4 PoE ports supporting 60W total power
Smart PoE software API supports power output control and power loss detection
Internal USB connector for software license dongle