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Home News Minz - Efficient Energy and Machinery Precision to Promote Industrial Automation
Minz - Efficient Energy and Machinery Precision to Promote Industrial Automation
Plastic and Rubber Machinery
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Providing stable production, even quality, and product quality while observing power conservation.

Factories have always been searching for ways to cut costs and expenditures, especially with skyrocketing overhead expenses for the footwear apparel and bags manufacturing industry due to the lack of material and labor and the break in supply lines during the pandemic. Further exacerbating the situation is the development of hyper-aged societies, the retirement of more experienced workers and an unwillingness from the younger population to step into the industry and continue learning the trade, all contributing to draining the industry of talent.


The development of intelligent machine cutters is inevitable for the shoe production industry, and in 2017, Minz Inc. took the lead, introducing a servomotor into the machine cutter, the most common equipment at shoe-manufacturing production lines, and providing the best solution for an automated production line.

CutBot 916CD​​​​​​​


Installing self-developed energy-efficient servomotors in the cutting machines “was a real milestone for the shoe-making industry. Minz Inc. was the first to upgrade cutting machines with servo motors, helping conserve around 70 percent of power,” Minz Inc’s General Manager Mike Chang said.


Minz Inc’s servomotors could also be installed on injection molding machines and others, helping clients across different industries conserve anywhere from 20 percent to 50 percent of the energy used.


Minz Inc recognizes that the prevalence of Industry 4.0, the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concept, and the carbon tax issue highlight the necessity for carbon emission monitoring.


Minz Inc’s “green factory” solution introduces self-developed Internet of Things (IoT) gateways to digitally monitor every piece of equipment on the production line. If the equipment exceeds pre-set safety values, the gateway can remotely shut off the machine, providing greater protection for workers and equipment.

MINZ IoT smart box

In addition, the gateway system would provide innovative, “green” factories with efficient power management by calculating the amount of “green” energy necessary to achieve carbon neutrality and imposing carbon emission restrictions on the equipment.
Aside from the issue of power conservation, Minz Inc also recognizes that human operation of machinery leads to inadvertent material waste and unintended output slowdown.
An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with its IoT gateway system would handle the production schedule and design blueprints, allowing the company to automate production lines.
Based on the company’s calculations, the average worker at one machine cutter can make between 100 and 300 cuttings per hour, but the worker’s level of fatigue remains a factor of instability that ultimately lowers total output efficiency.


In contrast, Minz Inc’s PM-740 series can maintain a stable output of 1,500 cuttings per hour, five times the maximum output of a single traditional machine, ensuring product quality while observing power conservation.
The PM-740 series of machine cutters are currently the only mass-manufactured intelligent design capable of automatically changing dies, as contrasted to the manual changing required for other established brands on the market.

PM-740AT Auto Turret CutBot

At a rough estimate, manually changing a die takes around 30 minutes, but Minz Inc’s patented E-Magnetic Head technology allows the cutter to store over 40 dies in the machine’s turret, and the magnetic changing of dies takes less than one minute.
Recognizing that even experienced workers unintentionally create material waste through fatigue or manual error, a situation exacerbated as the industry bleeds skilled workers as they retire, Minz Inc. is increasingly utilizing computer algorithms to reduce wasted material.
The machines would use designs imported from computer-aided design (CAD Drawings) or grading software for proofing before the cutting commences.
With the use of proprietary nesting software, Cutbot, installed on the cutter, the best position for the source material, for whatever kind of tool holder, is calculated and reduces as much as 3 percent of material waste, according to Minz Inc clients.
Observing the need for proofing or small but varied customization orders, Minz Inc has also provided clients with cutting machines with oscillating dies using Cutbot software.
The PM-925 single-head oscillating Cutbot and the PM-916 dual-head Cutbot feature dies can oscillate 16,000 times per minute.


PM-925 Minz Cutting Head
PM-925 Dual Cutting Head Cutting Head

Minz Inc. machinery uses strictly Taiwan-manufactured components, removing the issue of possible component shortage should maintenance be required and enjoy the added benefit of more affordable pricing compared with international brands.


Minz Inc. is the only company capable of manufacturing batch and round production smart cutter machines, thus removing potential compatibility issues for its clients when transitioning to an automated production line.


Internationally renowned shoe brands hold manufacturing equipment to rigorous certification standards and only settle on the machines to manufacture their products. Minz Inc’s machinery is 100 percent compliant with all the certifications required from all internationally known brands and can also provide customized products, Chang said.


Different industries (bikes, bags, textiles) have selected Minz Inc’s machinery to address the worker shortage issue. Chang said our service and products could resolve problems met by other industries.


“The hardware and software of  Minz Inc’s cutting machines are all proprietary, and we can rapidly develop a solution for our clients,” Chang said.


Minz Inc said that it had been approached by bicycle manufacturers of international renown to produce customized oscillating cutting tools for cutting carbon fiber, which has seen increased usage when manufacturing lighter bikes. 


Minz Inc said it has also received orders from textile industries to provide customized large oscillating cutting machines that occupy more than 1,800mm of space to allow greater working space for cloth cutting.


About Minz



Minz Inc. was established to research and develop environmentally sustainable products, and its cutting machines are 70 percent more power-efficient than other brands. As all hardware and software are proprietary, Minz Inc. also provides product customization for its clients and real-time service.
Minz Inc’s power-saving systems are used in 20 percent of the world’s shoe-making plants, ejection molding plants and chemical mixing plants, helping the world conserve over 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually.