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Home News FATEK - Prepared Solutions Provider for the Age of Automation
FATEK - Prepared Solutions Provider for the Age of Automation
Automation Parts
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Product stability and reliability enhance IoT and machine automation implementation

With 30 years of developing programmable logic controllers (PLC), Human-Machine Interface (HMI), servo drives and supervisory control and data acquisition software, FATEK Automation Corp. is in a unique position to provide an industrial sector is increasingly focused on Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) with automation solutions.


FATEK Sales Representative Tseng Tzu-heng (曾子恒) said, “FATEK products are both stable and reliable, two aspects which provide us with the competitive edge to maintain our presence on the market and secure our clients’ trust. 


“For example, FATEK’s M-series PLC, introduced this year, comes with a built-in specialized motion-controlled chip, allowing the device to reach high motion control levels without needing motion module expansions. As a result, the PLCs can process an ld instruction under 0.8 nanoseconds and are ranked among the fastest computation devices in the market.”



The controller can accommodate up to 2,048 digital inputs-outputs and 256 analog inputs-outputs and can house up to 64 additional modules of choice. In addition, the controller comes in-built with Ethernet and EtherCAT ports and supports the Modbus communication and the MQTT protocols and other self-defined communication protocols.



The M-series controller is the best automation controller solution for clients looking to induct automated services into the manufacturing lines to provide control over automated processes already extant on their production lines or other turnkey solutions.


FATEK has also rolled out an exclusive FATEK Hyperbus (FHB) technology that uses vibration-dampened connectors to minimize the effects of machine vibrations during operation. In addition, the FHB technology transmits data at ten times the transmission speeds of a traditional CANbus. The quick data transfer speeds help resolve the issue of increased latency when connecting more and more modules using serial transmission.


In addition to industrial equipment applications, FATEK is also looking to develop and adjust equipment functionality for broader applications to other industries and sectors.


Citing the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, FATEK said Brazil was in great need of medical-grade breathing apparatuses, and the government’s units on medicine and health allowed the use of automation controllers on medical equipment, which resolved the issue of equipment shortage. Collaborating with local dealers further helped bring the controllers and breathing apparatuses into one device and develop more suitable functions.


FATEK is devoted to expanding the uses of industrial controllers to have more diverse services in other industries, such as the development of hardware for power plant monitoring, light management for stadiums and gyms, and the management and control for agricultural plants.


FATEK recognizes the inevitable need to integrate legacy equipment or other brands when introducing automation products.


Acknowledging that some factory owners are increasingly stymied by how to achieve such goals when the tens, or hundreds, of equipment in a production line generate a massive amount of data, FATEK introduces the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) system.




With drivers for hundreds of PLCs from different brands and serial networking or Internet interfaces built into the system, it could interact and perform cross-device and even cross-platform control and data integration.


Tseng said, “FATEK’s HMI system embodies the stability of PLCs and provides connectivity and integration with other equipment. Moreover, FATEK’s HMI systems can easily interface with controllers from different brands, including Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, and Omron, to name a few.”


The HMI system also supports Modbus communication and the MQTT protocols, OPC Unified Architecture and SQL data base, helping to integrate on-site machinery and easily offer cross-platform vertical integration.


The advances in industrial technology demonstrate how the concepts of automation of equipment, Industry 4.0 and the IoT are becoming almost necessary parts of future industrial development and a go-to strategy to resolve the shortage of labor brought about by a hyper-aged society.



FATEK’s Cloud IoT solution, made up of the “iMonitor” and “iAccess” systems, allows owners to have a well-rounded management back-end complete with user-friendly interfaces. As a result, clients would be able to rapidly induct IoT services into their production grids at very low technical thresholds and help them achieve a solid and comprehensive foundation for automated industry.



The “iMonitor” system allows the manager to conduct digital data surveillance across multiple pieces of equipment that are distributed around the world and can alert managers on equipment that is performing abnormally to bring in technical support at an earlier stage to ensure the smooth running of the equipment.


The “iAccess” system provides maintenance and updates for distance equipment without static IP addresses, allowing users to resolve issues remotely through the cloud.


In addition, FATEK’s PLC and HMI products also have in-built support MQTT protocols that also absolve the need for additional IoT modules. For example, a simple list setting would allow machinery to connect to third-party cloud servers, such as Google cloud or Amazon Web Service. 


At the same time, it would provide an API, allowing clients to interface with data on FATEK cloud servers with third-party clients or other applications for analysis and allowing clients to build their own customized IoT solutions.


“China’s wire crimping factories said FATEK PLCs, compared with Japanese-brand PLCs, have increased efficiency and competitive pricing. Our clients in the Americas have also noted that FATEKs’ PLCs have replaced their previously expensive professional machinery, as it had better software, a more user-friendly interface, and was more efficient than their previous machines, Tseng said


FATEK’s PLCs and HMIs have in-built instant IoT support, which is operable on browser engines or mobile applications, allowing owners to manage and maintain their factories and systems anytime, anywhere. The in-built support also waives the need for additional IoT gateways, modules, or developing different IoT platforms. 


FATEK is proud to say that its past solutions demonstrated that its products have great endurance and stability, have more functions, are more efficient, and are more competitive than other international brands.


About FATEK Automation Corporation


FATEK  YouTube Official


FATEK Automation Corp. was established in 1992 in Taiwan by a group of engineers engaged in PLC design and development. Since its establishment, FATEK has strived for R&D in order to provide high-quality,high-function and user-friendly automatic control products. The product line focuses on PLC, Motion, HMI, SCADA, IoT, Servo and Power supply, etc.

FATEK has sold more than 5 million PLC and is a trusted partner of many top companies in different industries with applications in High-Speed Rail (HSR), semiconductor fabrication plant, press machine, environmental monitoring, etc.

The company has never been satisfied with just being the top-rated manufacturer of PLC and HMI. Nowadays, it has formally gained a foothold in the IoT application solution, and stepped up to develop high end motion control system and smart manufacturing and related solutions. In the future, in addition to striving for R&D and expanding to more comprehensive industrial products and solutions, FATEK is determined to have an indispensable key leading role in the industrial control field.