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Home News Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency - Parfaite Custom-made High-revolution Carbide Tools and Holders
Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency - Parfaite Custom-made High-revolution Carbide Tools and Holders
Machine Tools
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A high-precision and low-runout tool holder increases the carbide tool’s service life and efficiency.

Machine precision and product elegance are the sought-after standards that modern-day industry aims towards, with the clientele leaning toward lustrous and smooth products, prompting a rising demand for high-frequency buffing machinery. The COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years has also seen an increasing need for face masks and, consequently, the equipment for their production.


Parfaite, with its humble beginnings of manufacturing jigs for auto parts manufacturing over four decades ago, provides the solution to such demands in the form of high-speed spindles, carbide tools and hydraulic tool holders capable of high revolution per minute (rpm) work with low runout. 



Having obtained the technological know-how on crafting hydraulic and shrink-fit tool holders from Germany in 2000, Parfaite became the first among Taiwanese companies to present Taiwan-manufactured hydraulic and shrink-fit holders with runouts measuring less than 3μm.



“Other international brands make the same claims but under different conditions. For example, Parfaite achieves low runouts when the length of the tool holder is 4x diameter greater than the diameter. In contrast, the other companies have lengths at 2.5x diameter or 3x diameter greater than the diameter,” Parfaite’s Vice General Manager William Wan said.


While the quality of the spindle matters, the tool holder, which connects the spindle to the cutting tool, is also critically important. Using the right tool holder under different conditions will allow the machine to operate efficiently. A high-precision and low-runout tool holder will increase the efficiency and extend the cutting tool's service life.


Precision is a critical element that affects the efficiency and durability of the carbide tool, as they suffer less wear and tear with tool holders with low runouts, which also decreases the vibration and noise during operation.


Chinese clients told us there are many cheaper options locally, but their cutting tool become worn faster and that while Parfaite’s products came at a higher price, it was the more economical choice, according to Parfaite’s Sales Department’s Deputy Manager Stephen Chou.

What sets Parfaite’s high-speed motor spindle apart from others is that over 90 percent of its components have been self-researched and self-manufactured, and only using servo motors and bearings from major international brands. 


Parfaite conducts its own assembly of parts, measurements and testing, believing that it can only assemble different parts into a perfect product - one with low vibration, minimal sound and allows the main spindle to have a longer service life.



“Assembling components made by different factories can lead to equipment mismatch, which is why Parfaite prefers to develop, manufacture and conduct quality checks. As a result, all of our products have been tested for precision and only delivered to our clients when they are as near to perfection as possible,” Chou said.


Citing the production of masks as an example, Parfaite said apertures on melt-blown dies were only 0.3-0.5mm large, and this can only be accomplished with high-speed machinery. 


Parfaite’s high-speed spindle and spindle speeder has an exterior diameter of 70mm and can reach 40,000rpm, maintaining an average precision runout rate of 2μm. 


Many of the melt-blown fabric molds operating on older machinery opted for Parfaite’s spindle speeder to increase the rpm rate of their older spindles from 2-3,000rpm up to 40,000rpm, considering it to be the most economical solution to increase their production efficiency.

Upgrading the main spindle or adding a spindle speeder could help the process of traditional spindles with lower rpm rates and produce higher quality work, Parfaite said.



The company also provides research and development (R&D) services for customized spindles, cutting tools and tool holders, in addition to integration services and total solutions that would increase the production efficiency of its clients.


Parfaite had started out making peripheral equipment for automotive and motorcycle, resulting in long-term collaboration with the industry and a deep understanding of its need for special equipment and procedures, Wan said.


Vehicle manufacturers often have convoluted work processes, as the industry requires unique tools and holders with specific functions and procedures to ensure that particular vehicle parts have multiple functions.


“Our experiences and technical knowledge of developing cutting tools, as well as our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, allows Parfaite to bring our clients’ dreams from design to reality,” Wan said.



Parfaite also offers the services of using Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for better management.

Embedding RFID chips for every cutting tool, clients only need to scan the selected device to know what it has been used for and how worn it is, allowing operators to choose more suitable cutting tools.


Such services provide smart management of cutting tools and significantly decrease the chance of processed items becoming damaged or ruined by using overworn cutting tools.


Since its establishment, Parfaite has developed more than 100,000 customized cutting tools and tool holders for its clients. In addition, Parfaite’s “Technology Application Center” also uses Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software alongside 3D software and other integration software to categorize the data of all custom-made systems, marking past customized designs available for application.


The company’s high-speed spindles on the mass-manufactured lines can reach 70,000rpm, while customized spindles can reach up to 100,000rpm. The company also features new technology for tool holders, such as work holding solutions specifically tailored to work on manufacturing gears (Hydraulic Expending Mandrels).


Since 2009, Parfaite has been rebuilding and expanding its main plant to increase product yield and precision ratings. For example, the company spent NT$20 million to install a magnetically-suspended air conditioning system, which, in tandem with sensors, helped maintain a set temperature that minimized environmental impact on the product when it was being manufactured.


Parfaite has also introduced the best grinders from Japan and Switzerland, believing that upgrading its technological know-how and hardware will allow Parfaite to continue providing the best products for its clients.


In addition to the vehicle industry and aerospace engineering, Parfaite is also expanding its collaborations with panel manufacturers, the tech industry, and the semiconductor industries.


“Our founder’s point of pride is that Parfaite is willing to provide the best optimization for manufacturing processes for all clients. It is also willing to give the R&D department and the clients the necessary space to test their ideas and innovations, thus allowing the clients to receive the best product and services within acceptable parameters,” Wan said.






About PARFAITE​​​​​​​


PARFAITE which was established in 1982 and based on nearly 40 years of mature and stable technology, specializes in the design, production and sales of high-speed spindles, precision tool holders, and special tools. It is also the only company in the world that can produce these three high-technical products at the same time. In aerospace, machine tools, automobile and motorcycle parts, casings, molds and other production and processing aspects, ensuring customer quality is the highest goal of PARFAITE, and has been recognized by major manufacturers in the industry.

PARFAITE still insists on technological innovations. In 1994, it successfully developed Taiwan's first high-speed spindle. This move is an important target in the country. It will maintain this innovative spirit in the future and continue to improve in the industry. And because of this insistence, whether it is customized products or more complicated processing procedures, PARFAITE can provide the most complete and professional services to meet customer needs, improve efficiency and quality, as requirements of the highest standard of own products. It is believed that PARFAITE's new factory , which will start construction and stimulate more unlimited potential.The product is aimed to solve the problems in machining at the semiconductor industries, Aerospace industries, and precision machinery industries. The product has been introduced to TSMC supply chain and world-class semiconductor, Aeronautical manufacturers. We have also supported global customers from the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. of various industries including aerospace, medical/healthcare device, automotive, precision die/mold.