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Home News Cheiftek cpcStudio - A PLC Platform Offering Future Industry 4.0 Core Systems Interoperability
Cheiftek cpcStudio - A PLC Platform Offering Future Industry 4.0 Core Systems Interoperability
Automation Parts
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Clients have more flexibility to choose what contents are needed and applied uses.



During the run-up to the manufacturing of its own robotic arms line, Chieftek Precision Co. Ltd. realized that automated factories running multiple hardware, each with its own software system, does not equate to better proficiency; in fact, it makes the process of “smart automation” more difficult.


For over 20-odd years, Chieftek, with its strong background in manufacturing miniature linear guides, direct drive motors, and actuators, has satisfied its clients’ need for quality automated equipment and other industrial machinery parts.


Recognizing the industrial trend of automating production lines, the company embarked on its own journey to develop its six-axes micro robotic arms in 2021, hoping to provide an effective solution for clients transitioning from traditional to automated factories.


During the development process of its robotic arms, Chieftek realized that around 95 percent of all programmable logic controllers (PLC) provided with the hardware on the market are closed systems that can only monitor the hardware of the company that manufactured it.


Chieftek also realized that if every device uses its own PLC, it would result in poor management efficacy, a waste of space, and squandering the resources invested into information integration. In addition, the different network protocols will make it difficult to transmit data to other devices or cause network congestion which may lead to packet loss. 


These shortcomings mean that a factory, despite undergoing automation “upgrades,” will not achieve better efficiency and will make it harder for the factory owner to manage their equipment.


After more than eight years, during which the company referenced the development history and user feedback of other automated actuator software systems, Chieftek devised its own software PLC called cpcStudio, the first all-around software PLC in the Asia region.


As the demand for automation grows, integrating different systems is essential. Chieftek’s cpcStudio PLC can serve as a relay station with sufficient bandwidth and rapid transmission speeds to simultaneously support both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems.


Based on the standard IEC 61131-3 programming language, clients can develop their application programming interface (API) on top of existing cpcStudio PLC architecture to be more flexible and expand the integration and control of other hardware systems.


The cpcStudio PLC comes fully incorporated with the EtherCat Master, CC-Link, and EtherNet/IP protocols and various data libraries, such as the PLC Open Motion Control Library, the Robotics Library, and the Variables Interchange Protocol.


Using the EtherCAT protocol, known for its stable and rapid transmission speeds and its interoperability across hardware from different companies, cpcStudio also provides data integration, device monitoring, control, and other applied uses.


A PLC control system capable of integrating OT systems absolves the necessity of using other equipment for monitoring different management components, creating an energy-efficient and task-efficient production line management model and freeing up space for more efficient production line automation.


In addition, the cpcStudio software can analyze different platforms using IT data conversion, providing optimal control while integrating other PLC platforms for all factories looking to actively introduce automation. 


The PLC is capable of collecting action data from different stations or devices and uploading the collected data through OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system architecture or the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The uploaded data on these systems can provide a more comprehensive analysis, allowing managers to act with science-based data.


The cpcStudio also gives clients full autonomy over what functions and content they require. Additional functions are made available via downloadable component libraries or by providing specific extensions that clients can purchase with a license.


Once installed on industrial computers running on x86 microprocessors, it would prove to be a powerful PLC controller. These industrial computers can control industry production lines, agricultural or fishery automation, innovative traffic management, intelligent buildings, or green energy management.


Self-tested and continually refined at its smart factory, Chieftek is proud to say that cpcStudio is capable of monitoring its robotic arms and could also interface with many OT components currently on the market.


Chieftek hopes to establish itself as a significant player in the industrial 4.0 field, not just as a provider of distinct parts and components but also as a provider of core systems for smart factories as the global industrial sector continues to move forward toward implementing the Industrial 4.0 concept. 


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