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Home News The Optomechatronic Integration System is Launched by OME Technology to Accelerate Machinery Automation
The Optomechatronic Integration System is Launched by OME Technology to Accelerate Machinery Automation
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COVID-19 disrupted the lives of all people around the world. When people started to think of the post-pandemic era, Omicron came into the scene. In addition to achieving measures taken by labor-intensive manufacturers in realizing digital transformation and developing optomechatronic integration, the operation process focused on optimized machinery automation integration and smart-based manufacturing procedure has the eyes of the industry.

Corresponding to this trend, OME Technology, a major firm specializing in optomechatronic integration, has now launched advanced electrical control technologies for the application of electromechatronic integration and optomechatronic integration solutions developed according to sophisticated modular design.
Its main purpose is to realize the vision expected by optomechatronic integration plant step by step, so that visitors will able to can experience the concept and relevant applications of the optomechatronic integration platform.

The technologies, products and applications relating to optomechatronic integration exhibited by OME Technology comprise Linear Table, Motor and Liquid Handling System. As indicated by Daniel Chang, the Vice President of OME, in order to adapt to the change of habit by end-users, the plants wish to achieve direct use of sub-system type of linear module to reduce assembly costs and shorten the development schedule. On account of this, OME Technology has upgraded its operation from component supplier to module and system-level supplier. As for the transmission component, OME will display the wider-gauge version of linear slide rail that has been newly developed this year.



The main function of the biomedical product developed by OME Technology is to upgrade pandemic prevention more quickly. The Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor designed with an open-type parameter control process editing function and full-modular design can remarkably shorten the dosage development schedule while simplifying remote upgrading and maintenance cost of the machine in the future. In this way, it improves the flexibility in dosage development more efficiently and provides solid protection of the business secret in terms of dosage formula and process optimization. Through such a platform, OME Technology hopes that local biomedical operators will compete with similar types of products manufactured by other countries. The next feature is the Miniature Portable Nucleic Acid Testing PCR Module that OME Technology has introduced for the first time. It is smaller in size and lighter in weight, and also easier for carrying while exhibiting higher mobility. Being manufactured with military-grade materials and design, it is specifically suitable for the makeshift quarantine stations required by the military and outdoor applications. Despite its smaller size, it can provides test results instantly. OME Technology hopes to launch this competitive product in the international market to further enhance the already reputable Made In Taiwan (MIT) image. Abiding by the humanistic spirit, OME will promote such technology to countries where the medical level and healthcare conditions are not highly developed, in order to take part in helping contain the pandemic and bring well-being to its people.



Spurred by the pandemic, the automation demand stimulated the abrupt rising of industrial upgrading has also contributed to the growth of linear rail product manufactured by OME. With its own plant and production line, OME will serve as a model for transforming conventional industry to smart manufacturing. Through the internal custom-made information collection and integration system, the IoT and digital technology, it is hoped that the synchronization operation will be realized for the distribution and the information stream. By working with paperless method provided at the scene, the production information, quality record and inspection related data will be collected. During the exhibition, OME will also explain and present the smart factory architecture that has been implemented at the present stage.