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Home News Entering the Biomedical Field – Mastering the Precision Positioning Technology
Entering the Biomedical Field – Mastering the Precision Positioning Technology
Automation Parts
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OME Technology is an expert in R&D of transmission components such as linear slide. -, Precision positioning technology has always been the second driving power for OME Technology. That is the reason behind their transdisciplinary ability to uncover market needs that are still to be satisfied, thereby launching the corresponding products for the automated equipment and instrument market. This includes products in the photoelectric, semiconductor and biomedical industries.


OME Technology has been preparing for a long time to enter the biomedical field, and has obtained the GMP certification for medical devices a decade ago. It has also obtained the ISO13485 certification for medical device quality management system.



Amongst these, “Liquid Handling System” is another masterpiece from OME Technology to enter the biomedical field. The liquid handling system (also known as Automated Nucleic-acid Extractor) independently developed by OME Technology is capable of extracting DNA/RNA together with reactive medicine within half to one hour after inputting the whole blood sample in the pre-processing phase. It can be provided for relevant testing of hereditary diseases or viruses. As compared to the time and labor-consuming manual extraction of DNA/RNA, the fully automated separation and extraction technology conforms better to the contemporary demand of “speed” towards nucleic-acid testing.

What is worth mentioning is that the latest model has adopted an open-style software structure, therefore it is capable of conducting optimization for medicine and machine adjustment according to the goal of use. This automated equipment is suitable for applications that require flexibility and test efficacy, such as the development and testing of medicines, as well as academic research, etc.


GM Vincent Wu of OME Technology further explained that the key technology to this Nucleic-acid Purification Machine is “precision motor control ”. The degree of precision for its positioning is close to one-tenth of a hair, which completely demonstrates OME Technology’s expertise towards precision transmission components. Moreover, it also involves the integration of software and hardware, including magnetic force, temperature control, mechanism, and electrical control, which is highly difficult with the combination of several technologies.


To continue with the development of relevant equipment needed for production, OME Technology has specially set up the “Micro-Nano Automation System Business Department”. It adopts nanometer-grade positioning technology for several automation and semiconductor companies in Taiwan, applying high-end nanometer-grade positioning technology with piezoelectric control technology to create high-accuracy Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and nanometer-grade positioning piezoelectric stage. “We are the pioneer and the only one in Greater China capable of providing micrometer and nanometer grade motor control system solutions at the same time”, stated Kuo-Fu Liao, the founder of OME Technology.



OME Technology, a manufacturer of linear motion system, offers module and system leveled products.
The  company can offer optical, mechanical, and electronical integrated total solutions.

OME has its own brand and offers high-quality products and exquisite services to over 250 universal customers including the premium brands in the global industrial world. OME researches and produces linear guide transmission elements, and in addition, it also develops healthcare products and micro-nano automatic systems.  Using “nano class and high-end nano class mobile positioning systems,” it provides customers with customized opto-mechatronics integration services. It fulfills the needs of industries like semiconductor, optoelectronics, machines, automotive, biotechnology, and fifth generation mobile internet connectivity.

OME's mission is based on the development and manufacturing of linear transmission in automated systems in its endeavor to “Refine and make human life more exquisite! ”.