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Home News High Process Stability and Tool Life, Ultrasonic Machining Module Technology introduce in mass production of semiconductor industries.
High Process Stability and Tool Life, Ultrasonic Machining Module Technology introduce in mass production of semiconductor industries.
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The revolution of exotic advanced materials in semiconductor, aerospace, and other industries for mechanical demanding applications has resulted in machining challenges in CNC manufacturers.
The challenges have become severer in semiconductor parts machining due to high surface integrity demand and the emerging trend of third-generation semiconductor materials like CVD-SiC, SiC wafer. They exhibit much excellent mechanical and chemical strength and show the extreme difficulty in machining. Consequently, subsurface damage and micro-cracks are easily generated due to of cutting force. Tool life Control also plays an essential role in production since continuous machining would lead to fatigue and crash in tools, which affect significantly in quality control.

Rotary Ultrasonic Machining is one of the most effective method to improve CNC machining in hard and brittle materials. The constant micro vibration superimposed with tool rotation disperses cutting resistance and enlarge material removal at the same time, enhancing tool life and efficiency without alternate mechanical properties.

To upgrade sustainability and flexibility, Hantop Intelligence Tech. has developed ultrasonic machining module with three innovations. Intelligence tracking system can automatically identify adaptively adjust to the suitable resonance with various tools

The other will be the adoption of non-contact power transmission. Without consumables and high limitation of spindle speed (Up to 48,000RPM), it can enable more process parameters for operator to choose and process the complex workpieces economically. The last but not least is the plug and play modular design. The manufacturers could easily install ultrasonic module on their current CNC machine and to grind, drill and cut various materials with ultrasonic machining function. Which eliminates the hesitation of time and budget while purchasing new ultrasonic equipment.



Micro features are required to efficiently spray chemicals and plasma in etching process. The performance will depend on the rotation speed especially in micro and high-aspect-ratio applications.

Based on the achievement of ultrasonic machining module, Hantop has developed the world smallest HSKE25 ultrasonic tool holder for rising demands of micro-machining. The HSKE25 ultrasonic tool holder has the capability of ultra-high speed up to 48,000 RPM excel for micro-hole drilling of ceramics materials (SiC, Alumina, Zirconia), hard-to-cut metals (Stainless steel, Titanium) and Engineering Plastic (PEEK, PMMA). We also support our customers with diverse spec. of ultrasonic tool holder from BT, HSK, CAT series for more flexible applications.

The revolution of new materials has always become a topic owing to users and improvements. And there would always be a blue ocean market in finding the right solutions. At this moment, HIT has validated with global customers from the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. various industries including aerospace, semiconductors, medical/healthcare device, automotive, precision die/mold. The revolution of automation in ultrasonic machining has set up via innovations.



About HIT Tech

Advanced materials such as ceramics, quartz , carbide, and composites are rapidly replacing conventional metal and polymers in various industries in our life. Therefore, new material processing has become the new blue ocean market of CNC machine tool industry. Hantop Intelligence founded from the TRUST-U project of Ministry of Science and Technology. Our main product - ultrasonic machining module is the solution for advanced materials machining. It eliminates companies' hesitation to adopt new advanced materials machining technologies due to time and cost considerations, while resolving the problems of rotational speed restrictions caused by conventional contact-type power transmission and poor finished product precision. The module employs a side add-on cutting module design, non- contact power transmission system, and ultrasonic vibration assisted machining to overcome all the foregoing problems.

The product is aimed to solve the problems in machining at the semiconductor industries, Aerospace industries, and precision machinery industries. The product has been introduced to TSMC supply chain and world-class semiconductor, Aeronautical manufacturers. We have also supported global customers from the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. of various industries including aerospace, medical/healthcare device, automotive, precision die/mold.