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Home News Taiwan’s Woodworking Machinery Industry is Automation Ready & Ushering In a New Era of Sustainability
Taiwan’s Woodworking Machinery Industry is Automation Ready & Ushering In a New Era of Sustainability
Woodworking Machinery
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Taiwan was once known as the “Furniture Kingdom”, with specialized production line technology from start to finish. Ten years ago, the major industry players got together to form the W-team, doing away with the industry’s single machine sales model and integrating into a whole-line commercial model that can meet customer demands for customized and integrated products. So, what insights and technological advantages do Taiwan’s woodworking machinery elite possess?


Michael Chang, CEO, Leadermac: Automation, customization, and integration are the keys to the future of Taiwan’s woodworking machinery

Leadermac is the world’s second leading brand for four-side moulders. Our products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide and we have up to 50% market share in the US. Many years ago, when Taiwan’s machinery industry was stuck in the “old” way that it thought about manufacturing technology, Leadermac brought in a new concept of user-oriented customized service. Now, Leadermac remains the leader of Taiwan’s woodworking machinery.


Michael Chang, CEO, Leadermac: In recent years we have focused on the research and development (R&D) of integrated automation equipment. Our four-side moulders can automatically detect abnormalities, while cloud monitoring gives advanced warning to change tools and smart controls help reduce waste. In addition, continuous R&D patent layout is the key to success or failure. Customization and the whole-line concept are important trends. Taiwan’s woodworking machinery companies have come together to form the W-team. It’s like Taiwan’s national team for woodworking, integrating our core technologies from start to finish to create greater value together.


Ian Chang, GM, Innovator: Innovator’s veneer processing combines splicing technology and the best cutting techniques

Veneer processing is a very specialized market. Many countries now no longer allow logging of virgin forests, thus the majority of materials used comes from forest regeneration. Innovator has combined our own splicing technology with the best international cutting techniques to reduce wood waste and produce high-quality furniture. We are one of the few companies in the world that can offer an integrated veneer processing system.


Ian Chang, GM, Innovator: (Discusses W-Team’s technology integration): When we saw customers looking to buy all the equipment they needed in one go, we responded with Asia’s first smart automated veneer processing production line. Innovator’s own veneer splicing technology combined with international cutting technology, real-time production monitoring, and automated whole factory export capability greatly increases product quality yield and allows the customer to quickly set up their smart production system.


Joe Chang, Managing Dir., Kuang Yung: Kuang Yung’s smart movable rip saw with scanning system optimizes materials to save energy and reduce carbon output


Integrated smart production lines are the focus of today’s market demand. Kuang Yung has strong integrated automation ability that can select good wood and directly feed it for processing. Our optimizing saws can combine with a four-side moulder and finger jointing machine for a complete smart automation solution where the wood moves from station to station without ever touching the floor.   The system optimizes the overall production line to reduce manpower by half, and raise capacity by 30% and more. It shows the determination of Taiwan’s woodworking machinery companies in continuous innovation to upgrade advanced manufacturing processes. 


Joe Chang, Managing Dir., Kuang Yung: Wood is alive, it has bark, irregular edges and knots. Our optimizing movable rip saw with scanning system has a smart scanning function that automatically calculates how to get the best acquisition rate from materials of different sizes, avoiding defects. It saves on manpower, boosts capacity, reduces wood waste, and analyzes the material utilization rate. We embrace the trends of smart automation and Industry 4.0, saving energy and reducing carbon output.


Wood is a material that has been used throughout the industrial age. But as natural materials become more scarce, Taiwanese companies are already prepared for smarter, energy-saving processes. Taiwan’s smart machinery will continue to shine brightly and be your most solid partner.


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